Dumas & Kim, APC is a Los Angeles law firm specializing in insolvency, collection, and general commercial litigation. We pride ourselves in dealing candidly with our clients and courteously but firmly with our litigation opponents, while conceiving and aggressively implementing economically realistic and creative strategies to accomplish our clients’ purposes. We are not lost in the legal profession bubble. Our focus is on the real world of businesses and human beings the legal system is designed to serve.

Meet the Team

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Mediation Services

Mr. Dumas received mediation training at Pepperdine University and has served as a member of the mediation panel for the Bankruptcy Court of the Central District of California since its creation, serving as mediator in approximately seventy mediations. He prides himself on coming to mediations well-prepared, frequently reviewing pleadings and documents in addition to the mediation briefs. At the mediation, he engages with the participants pro-actively, seeking to gain their confidence in understanding of their issues and problems and focusing on the legal, factual, practical, and psychological obstacles and opportunities for achieving a settlement. He works very efficiently and has a strong success rate in achieving resolutions.

Debt Collection

Throughout its history, the firm has represented creditors in collecting commercial and personal debt, both pre- and post-judgment. It has extensive experience and expertise in prosecuting and defending fraudulent transfer litigation.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Throughout its thirty-year history, the firm has provided general insolvency counseling to financially distressed businesses and individuals, as well as creditors of such persons. The firm has had a long-standing sub-specialty in representing bankruptcy trustees and has represented eleven different trustees on the Central District panel over the last 25 years in hundreds of cases. It has done extensive debtor work, representing business entities and individuals in Chapter 11 proceedings, as well as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 individual debtors and also has frequently represented creditors in Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 cases. Representing both debtors and creditors, it has had a sub-specialty in the use of bankruptcy as a litigation tactic.

Commercial Litigation

Throughout its history, the firm has supplemented its insolvency focus and enhanced its capabilities by involvement in a broad range of commercial and business litigation before U.S. District Courts throughout the United States, the U.S. Court of Claims, Superior Courts throughout the State of California, and arbitration panels both locally and internationally. The firm has litigated breach of contract actions, a wide variety of business tort and unfair competition cases, defamation cases, real property disputes, and attorney malpractice claims.